Gummy Bear Implants vs. Regular Implants

When you decide to get breast augmentation, you need to make several decisions. One of the crucial decisions regards the type of implants to get. For years, silicone implants have been a popular implant option. The implants look and feel natural, and they are less likely to crease or fold through the skin.
There are different silicone implants; traditional silicone implants and gummy bear silicone implants. Choosing between the options is done before the procedure. Here is more information on gummy bear implants and regular implants.

Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy bear is a term used to describe implants full of a highly-cohesive and dense gel. Doctors refer to these implants as cohesive silicone gel breast implant. The implants are form-stable. Like gummy bear candy, they retain their shape when the outer shell breaks.
The gel is thick and cohesive rather than liquid. It means that, unlike regular implants, they do not leak. There are round gummy bear implants and the more popular teardrop-shaped implants. The unique, form-holding breast implants look and feel natural.

Regular Silicone Implants

Traditional or regular silicone implants are softer than gummy bears. They contain a cohesive gel, but they are not as stable. The texture of the implants resembles natural breasts more closely. The implants are softer and have the bounce of natural breasts. Unlike gummy bear implants, the gel in regular implants is more likely to leak when the shell breaks.

Difference Between the Implants

The main difference between a gummy bear and regular implants is the gel consistency. The silicon particles in the gummy bear implants are more solid because of their cross-linking.
The gel inside the shell is thicker and more stable. The implant will return to its original shape in any situation. Regular implants can leak and lose shape if the implant is punctured.

Similarities of the Implants

Gummy bear and regular silicone implants are softer than many other implants you can find on the market. They have the texture and appearance of natural breasts, making them a popular option. Traditional or regular implants have more bounce than gummy bear implants, but the difference is insignificant.

Choosing the Best Option

Both gummy bear and regular silicone implants have their pros and cons. Gummy bear implants are safer, but they require longer skin incisions than regular silicone or saline implants. Women who require breast reconstruction after getting a mastectomy can get gummy bear implants. The implants are ideal for patients who do not have existing breast tissue to support the implant. Talking to the surgeon at Aesthetic Surgical Associates about your goals and expectations will help you make the best choice.
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