Cheek Implants | Cheek Augmentation in Metairie & New Orleans, LA

We can all generally find some part of our bodies that we would like to improve. While many of these areas can be changed through diet or exercise, there are some areas that just won’t respond and need some additional help. If you are looking to improve your facial appearance, cheek augmentation is one possible approach.

Understanding Cheek Augmentation

The goal of cheek augmentation is to lift and add volume to the cheeks. As people age, cheeks can often begin to sag or become sunken. This appearance can be troubling for many of our patients. Cheek augmentation lifts and creates more volume through the use of grafting or the addition of implants. Either of these approaches could be the solution to give you the appearance you want.

When grafting is used, your surgeon will often use your own fat to transfer into the cheeks. This reduces the potential of infection or rejection.

If surgical options are not appealing, some patients can also opt for the use of injectable dermal fillers. Dermal fillers use specialized formulas that can be injected into the skin to immediately add volume. These fillers typically use naturally occurring ingredients that are already present in your body. Some fillers have the added benefit of boosting the production of collagen, which can also improve your skin’s appearance. However, dermal fillers are temporary and typically last from a few months to two years before the filler has been absorbed, and collagen production wanes.

Who Should Get Cheek Augmentation?

Cheek augmentation can be recommended for a wide variety of patients. If you are currently self-conscious about the appearance of your cheeks, this procedure can completely change your outlook on life. There are a few things that you should consider before getting a cheek augmentation.

The Procedure

Cheek augmentation surgery is relatively straightforward. There are a variety of anesthesia methods that have been used for cheek augmentation, so talk to your doctor before. Once the operation starts, your surgeon will make a small incision in the cheek. These cuts can be made on the inside or outside of the cheek depending on the surgery and your doctor. If fat grafting is being used, you will have another incision at the site where your surgeon extracted the tissue to place in the cheek.

Once the incisions have been made, the tissue will be grafted, or the implant will be placed inside the cheek. Your surgeon will ensure that it is in the right place, and the appearance is exactly what they are looking for. After that has been completed, the incisions are closed, and you are released.


If you don’t like the appearance of your cheeks and think that they could use some additional volume or a lift, contact our offices today at (504) 309-7061. Dr. Stephen Eric Metzinger and his staff at Aesthetic Surgical Associates want to give you the appearance that you deserve today!