Initial Consultation

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Meet Dr. Metzinger
  • Inform us of any specific timing needs to potentially expedite your consultation.
  • Expect a comprehensive evaluation with Dr. Metzinger, who is renowned in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery.
  • Feel at ease with Dr. Metzinger and our team, and feel free to ask about any aspect of your procedure.
During Your Consultation
  • Discuss your goals, undergo an evaluation, and understand the potential outcomes.
  • Medical photographs will be taken for preoperative assessment and planning.
  • Additional medical evaluations or consultations may be necessary prior to surgery.
  • Inform us if you have specific time constraints for returning to your routine post-surgery.
Consultation Options
  • For distant patients, consider sending photographs for preliminary assessment and utilize telephone interviews to minimize travel and wait times.
Your Consultation Visit
  • Expect to spend at least an hour for a thorough consultation.
  • Preoperative instructions and medications may be provided to prepare you for surgery.
  • Understand that the consultation is designed to alleviate any surgery-related anxieties.
Scheduling Your Surgery
Upon agreement on a surgery plan, we'll schedule and secure your date with a $750 booking fee, applied towards your surgery cost. Please note our cancellation policy to safeguard your booking fee. We strive for flexibility and appreciate prompt communication for any schedule adjustments

Consultation Fees

The consultation fee to see Dr. Mertzinger is $150
for every patient. This fee also applies to surgery. 

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