Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Metairie & New Orleans, LA

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure performed to recreate a breast shape after a mastectomy (surgical removal of the breast) or lumpectomy (removal of a portion of the breast). It is often chosen by individuals who have undergone breast cancer treatment or have a congenital breast abnormality.

The procedure can involve several techniques, including using implants to rebuild the breast mound or utilizing the patient’s own tissue (autologous reconstruction), such as tissue from the abdomen, back, or buttocks. Sometimes a combination of these methods is used to achieve the desired outcome.

Breast reconstruction aims to restore symmetry, shape, and size to the breast, helping individuals regain a sense of wholeness and confidence following breast cancer treatment. It is typically performed by plastic surgeons who specialize in reconstructive procedures. The decision to undergo breast reconstruction is highly personal and may depend on various factors, including the individual’s health, preferences, and treatment plan.