Effective Ways To Fix Lopsided Breasts | Uneven Boobs

Are your breasts uneven? While lots of things usually come in harmonized sets, breasts are not typically one of them. It is very common for breasts to differ in size, position, or shape. Due to usual growth disparities that are driven by genetics, even fully grown breasts may not come in the same size.

If you are experiencing some level of lopsidedness in your breasts and would like to fix it, here is how you can go about doing that.

Correcting Lopsided or Uneven Breasts

To fix lopsided breasts, your cosmetic surgeon will have to determine what is causing the unevenness in your breasts. For instance, lopsided breasts can result from pregnancy and nursing, breast injury, genetics, hormonal changes, birth defects, or cancer.

Also, some women develop lopsided breasts from breast surgeries that were done poorly. You can try to even out the lopsided breast at home by wearing special bras, or talk to your surgeon about your options for breast augmentation or breast lift surgeries.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to increase the size of your breast. It is the most common treatment for lopsided breasts. The procedure involves inserting breast implants inside your breasts to enhance the fullness of your smaller breast. The aim is to create two breasts of the same size by adding more bulk to the smaller breast until you attain a consistent size.

If you choose to correct unevenness with breast implants, it is vital to pick the right implants. This means choosing the right material, shape, and size of the implant. Your cosmetic surgeon will run you through the details and possibly let you try on various implant options to find the best implant for you.

Breast Lift

A breast lift is one of the most practical solutions to fixing shape and position irregularities of uneven breasts. A breast lift surgery addresses the following:

  • Differences in the position of breasts

  • Variations in breast shape

  • Uneven nipple position or size

During a breast lift surgery, the surgeon will reposition or reshape your breasts. If necessary, the surgeon can remove some tissue and skin and address any variations in your nipples. Note that, unlike breast augmentation that addresses the size of your breast, a breast lift surgery is meant to only address the breast shape. However, when saggy, lopsided breasts are reshaped to look fuller, the breast lift can make them appear bigger, even if their original size remains unaffected.

Will Your Breasts Go Back to Being Lopsided?

Breast lift and breast augmentation surgeries create lasting changes in the shape, size, and position of your breasts. However, because breasts always change as hormones fluctuate, when you gain or lose weight, or even get pregnant, you may need a breast revision procedure.

Aging also affects your breasts, and their size may change or one breast may droop lower than the other. If these changes happen and become worrisome, a revision procedure can fix them.

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